WeRGenZ: Helping Brands understand Generation Z

WeRGenZ is the brainchild of Kathleen Hessert, who was an early adopter in the sports and entertainment industries. The former broadcast journalist has spent a professional lifetime connecting dots that others don’t even see. Whether it was being one of the first women to be a broadcast news anchor, or female pit reporter for ESPN, or founding a media training company for college and pro sports, she sees a need and delivers. She even recognized the potential impact of emoji as a new visual language and launched Popemoji to help the Catholic Church better relate to young people. Kathleen has a proven track record of identifying trends in the making. Well before most knew what a tweet was, she recognized and harnessed the power and influence of social media as a new communication channel and in 2007, launched NBA great, Shaquille O’Neal on Twitter helping take the now global platform mainstream.

Kathleen spent three decades helping sports brands from the media giants ESPN, and Fox Sports to world renowned celebrities like P.Diddy gridiron, and Olympic greats build their reputations and fan bases. Her fan development efforts began with segmenting and targeting three categories of fans and creating strategies and tactics to convert them to advocates on behalf of her clients.

When the marketplace was still fixated on the peculiarities of Millennials, Kathleen migrated her attention to what’s NEXT- Generation Z. Used to working with young athletes, she turned to teens themselves instead of so-called experts, to built WeRGenZ from the grassroots up.  She’s a much sought after public speaker, and consultant wowing audiences with insights derived from her original research and thousands of members of the WeRGenZ Teen Think Tank.

Visit WeRGenZ.com to see how your brand can benefit from understanding Generation Z better.

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