SMC enables clients of all types to think brave and do brave things, resulting in dynamic experiences and true preparedness.

SMC provides training and consulting that builds a powerful presence for teams, organizations and individuals through social media, media + communication coaching and crisis management.

Our Core Skill Sets

Brand Coaching

SMC builds a powerful presence for teams, organizations and individuals through social media, media and communication coaching, and crisis management.

Social Media Management

Our innovation, proven insights, near real-time data and expertise can take your brand to new heights. Need strategic direction or original content creation? SMC has your back.

Crisis Management

Adequately prepare for possibilities or gain support in the midst of a storm. Our training, consulting and experience will help you to adapt and communicate in the best light.

Public Speaking

Win over the crowd and motivate people with your ideas, relevancy and passion. Learn how to tell stories, be heard, listened to, understood and remembered. Plus, get preparedfor the tough Q&A.

Content Creation

We create high impact, short-form content to elevate your brand in the never ending sea of social material. We can develop content and enlist social influencers to reach your intended audience and grow your brand.

Social Listening

We can help you listen, learn and act with real time data and customized reports. We monitor millions of online interactions to gather insights, inform strategy, adjust planning, and make decision crucial to you and your brand.

Media Training

It doesn’t matter whether the media calls you, or you call them. If you need to prepare a group of seasoned executives or a nervous novice, SMC can help you and the organization shine in any medium. We prepare clients to excel in the spotlight of celebrated announcements and brewing crises. SMC’s expert trainers, are ready to prepare your spokespeople to master the messaging and their delivery. We can help craft powerful messages and prepare your representatives to deliver them persuasively and with confidence.

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