Social Listening – Biz Intelligence

You can do anything and everything to build your brand but without seeing the analytics- behind your posts, you’ll never know if it’s getting through to your target audience as you intend. This is valuable biz intelligence!

Sports are driven by stats…
-the percentage of touchdowns from the red zone
-3rd down conversions
-Interceptions per game
-Missed shots from the foul line
Stats help you set target goals.
Monitoring the data indicates how many and who you reach. Did you reach target influencers who can swell the ranks of your community and spread your brand beyond just those you can easily reach alone.

With social listening, you can easily measure whether fans and opponents are booing, cheering or ignoring you then tweak content to ensure what they hear is what you intend to say.

Start with the analytics behind IG or Twitter and to go even deeper, use other listening tools 🛠 that will give you better and more data to be able to refine your content and build your personal brand.

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