For Your Professional Development: Advice for The Next Generation of Experience Makers

By Adobe Communications Team

Professional development is something we’re committed to at Adobe. After all, the next generation of experience makers will have an abundance of creative, marketing, analytics, advertising, and commerce solutions at their disposal, which will empower them to create amazing end-to-end digital experiences. However, these resources come with great responsibility.
So, what exactly does it take to be a successful customer experience professional? We asked some of our industry’s thought leaders to provide advice to the next generation of experience makers. Here’s what they had to say:

Kathleen Hessert, founder, WeRGenZ:

The future of work will be nothing like that of your parents or teachers. It’s futile to ask “how did you get where you are today?” Yesterday’s path can’t be duplicated in this hyper-fast and connected world.

Don’t try to mirror past success. Carve a new path, fashioned with the powerful tools that are in your generational DNA. Technologies and an open, collaborative mindset remain an enigma to older generations. Balance learning from the more experienced with teaching them new ways of looking at stubborn problems and recognizing new problems that crop up in a drastically changed workplace.

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