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Every brand needs to funnel new blood. The average age of college football fans sitting in stadiums (pre-COVID19) was 50 yrs old and growing older daily.

What that means for #brands is that there’s a serious need to cultivate a range of fans to ensure a refresh of fans.

I call it our fan spectrum & in this week’s episode of #BrandBreakdown I talk about igniting Future Fan bases, nudging those in the Casual Fan category with a minor connection to your brand, & obviously not forgetting your Avid Fan base .

But don’t stop there. Align content to the needs of these 3 distinct groups and balance the content directed to each in what may seem like a counter-intuitive manner. What do I mean by that?

Most brands devote their resources to the avid fans who they obviously covet & can’t afford to lose. But consider devoting the largest bucket of resources to moving casual fans along the spectrum, wooing them to become advocates and evangelists of your brand.

And don’t forget future fans. Determine creative ways to ignite and perpetuate their excitement in your brand. #VinMcCaffrey #johnHeisler #MichaelHaddix #MatthewOwen

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