Building and Scaling Personal Brands


Yesterday I wrote that NOW is the perfect time for building and scaling personal brands because people are cooped up and crave community during the pandemic. With social media use dramatically 🆙 you have a strong chance of attracting and influencing new and larger audiences.

Of course it requires more than just being on social. It requires néw levels of creativity and relevancy for the fans you want to attract.

However, in times of crisis, you need to think long term.

So don’t guess what works and who you are or are not reaching. Use a social media monitoring tool like Talkwalker to really listen to your community and adapt your messaging, timing and overall content to align with what they’re telling you. Yes the data doesn’t lie! It’s staring you right in the face. All you have to do is look.

Social listening tools deliver invaluable business intelligence. Monitoring tools are brand builders and brand protectors. They deliver data. You dig out the insights and ultimately convert it to valuable knowledge to act on. That’s what it takes. Are you up to it?

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