Brand Breakdown

Brand Breakdown

Social media regularly transcribes every action (or inaction), adding to a digital footprint that cannot be erased. As an athlete, you can influence, but can’t completely control your brand.  This innovative new series will assist you in understanding your brand and taking charge of who and what the world thinks you are.

I can’t imagine how anyone could miss the deluge of athletes speaking out on a dramatic range of personal passions. Over the years, administrators have said, “We’ll just ban them from Facebook! A more open-minded major college coach challenged: “Convince me Kathleen. Why should I let the team on Twitter?”

But control has shifted. Just as the public determines what consumer brands mean based on their marketplace interactions, athletes have taken ownership of their own brands. They’ve comingled personal interests, with athletic prowess, and social media platforms. But that doesn’t mean that they understand how to take advantage of this unique moment in time. Neither does the rise of NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) legislative changes guarantee that elite athletes will know, understand and execute brand best practices on or offline.

Watch for the innovative “Brand Breakdown” video e-learning series from me and #GamePlan. I’ll also break down trending topics to find brand insights and create associated Scorecards with the help of the social listening platform, #Talkwalker.

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