Brand Breakdown Scorecard: Converting Data to Insights to Knowledge

When crises hit, leaders are faced with 3 huge challenges which all have to be accomplished simultaneously. A brand can do everything right but if it takes too long, it can mean your demise.


  1. MANAGE the actual crisis
  2. COMMUNICATE in a timely and human manner to key constituencies to instill trust and in some cases, forgiveness. This is especially difficult because the facts are almost always fluid.
  3. BUSINESS RESUMPTION- don’t wait until everything has calmed down to plan for getting back in the action. That will only delay and cost even more.

GamePlan’s #VinMcCaffrey and I have talked about crisis management & how it effects a sports brand (personal or organizational0. This week’s #BrandBreakdown episode explores the devastating dilemma facing #StanRichards#TheRichardsGroup and how their actions sucked long time client #Motel6 into a crisis they didn’t even cause.

With #Talkwalker, I’ve compiled insights about velocity, volume & reach of the crisis & it’s effect on an iconic ad man’s personal brand. This is one slice of what the BrandBreakdown elearning series explores in this week’s episode.


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