Brand Breakdown Scorecard: LeBron

When talking #sports & personal branding, it’s impossible to ignore the King James phenomenon. In this week’s #BrandBreakdown I put LeBron’s personal brand under the microscope & to learn from & apply to your brand.

I monitored social media conversations around LeBron, the Championship & James’ brand globally, an extremely small slice of the overall the NBA Championship global conversation. Global fandom showed up in the Philippines followed by France & the UK. Males outweighed females 81.3% to 18.7%.

Since video and images draw more attention than even core content online, they drew most of the coveted engagement metric. Called “thumb-stopping” because as you scroll through feeds, posts with images & more often videos, pause your attention.

Sentiment: + far outweighed – . Critics said “begging for respect is pathetic!” Others called him controlling, manipulative, prima-donna, but look at the emoji used in the #infographic scorecard below-🐐!
What can you learn from the way LeBron has built his personal brand?

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