When it Hits the Fan!

If your personal brand strategy doesn’t account for crises then you’re absolutely nuts! It will happen and it’s solely a matter of when NOT if. Even the most stellar of my clients with the most remarkable reputations have faced this challenge.

When our phone rang at midnight or later, my husband would roll over and grumble, “him again!” The reality is that there is a predictable Reputation Management Cycle that starts with discovery, then travels through inevitable peaks and valleys. And although every crisis isn’t your fault, somehow, some people tend to wallow in the valleys more that summiting the peaks.

In this week’s #BrandBreakdown I dissect a recent public crisis so Game Plan‘s clients can learn from a PR disaster that unexpectedly took down an advertising iconVin McCaffrey Christian Kuehne @johnheisler Matthew Barry Matthew Owen @RomanOben


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