3 Lessons Learned About Crisis Management

Working on crises is always challenging, exhausting and deeply perplexing. The work flow alone throws the universe upside down. Then there’s the emotional eating that totally screws up my diet and the absence of my typical workouts due to work days that can turn into 18- to 20-hour chunks of life. And social media? Well the velocity and scope of its impact is monumental. Here are 3 Lessons Learned that we hope our clients absorb today:

1) Beware of lost opportunities to act concretely. Just because you don’t recognize something to be of immediate importance doesn’t mean it won’t have a prominent impact on your brand. If you’re not looking ahead, you’re already behind.

2) Acting only based on your core customer base is seriously shortsighted. Who are your casual fans/customers, as well as future ones, that the current crisis is pushing away?

3) Act with speed. Crises never match your normal work rhythm nor can you predict it to its full extent. Accelerate big time. Be prepared for lulls. Remember that breather probably isn’t the end!

–Kathleen Hessert

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