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About the Sports Blog Index

The Sports Blog Index is Sports Media Challenge's ranking of the top sports blogs on the internet. These sites are not necessarily the most visited sites on the internet, though traffic is a factor. Each SBI blog is rated on three main criteria: Content, Community, Influence. It is important to note that the Index is not a completely objective or subjective measurement. Each blog is ranked on a variety of quantitative measurements before Sports Media Challenge analysts adjust for qualitative factors.

An overview of the three main criteria:

‘Content is king’ goes without saying. All of the other metrics would not matter if a blog did not consistently provide relevant posts that its audience wanted to read. Some blogs have a few long form posts, others have tons of short pithy posts, and there are plenty in between. The form does not matter, but the subject matter does. Posts should leave readers satisfied and inspire thoughtful responses. Aesthetics that enhance or detract from the content are also weighed appropriately.

A blog's community is a large part of the SBI measurement. While page views and visits are a good indicator of the size of the community, neither is a good indicator of how active a community is. The community measurement takes into account web traffic as well as comments, quality of comments, unique commentators, and response rates along with several other factors.

The influence is a measure of a blog's overall impact within the sports blogosphere. This is based on a blog's incoming and outgoing links and various other factors including ranks in prominent blog networks. This gives insight into how other bloggers and sports fans view your content and its ability to spread. Weighing these factors of influence provide the sports bloggers themselves with a voice in the ranking of blogs.

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